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Originally Posted by koncha View Post
Do you know the difference between a head shot and a forearm shiver? Offensive players don't like either of them but a shiver is legal. Ray is the master of the shiver. That is why he gets called dirty. Not because he actually is, but because he uses a technique offenses want banned.

BTW, you backup link doesn't say shit to support your assertion about head shots.
No, it doesn't.

My initial response was to this post:

Originally Posted by Stinez View Post
Ray's been a bit over the top but I certainly respect his attitude and there's no doubt of his influence on man-up style of football and Hall of Fame credentials.

I'm hopeful that he'll stay mentally sharp through his lifetime because most of his very physical career has allowed head shots.
All I said was that I hope Ray does not suffer any permanent effects from his NFL career, but those "head shots" would have been self-inflicted. Wasn't me that brought up "head shots" and I didn't post any frothy-mouthed hatred. I stated one opinion (I hope Ray does not suffer permanent damage) and a fact (he's taken helmet-to-helmet shots at defenseless players.

Because you can't argue that Ray Lewis doesn't take helmet-to-helmet shots at defenseless players.... He might not do it as often as, say, Rodney Harrison, but he does it. Ask Hines Ward. And I'm not even saying he's trying to hurt other players, or that he's doing it intentionally. Sometimes it happens. But you can't deny he does it.
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