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Originally Posted by Dukeryder View Post
While Hondas may not be flawless, they are MUCH more reliable than ANY new VW or Volvo. I've only owned 1 Honda and it was an '01 with the junk automatic but even with that fatal flaw it was 10x more reliable than the more than dozen VWs I've owned (put 30K on that car in a year and half and only lost $1,500 from what I initially paid). My girlfriend's 07 Accord just rolled over 110K and until now it's had zero work done to it other than oil and tires . I just did the coolant and ATF for her. Now if were a VW it would've need $1000s in repairs by now. I've never met anyone that regretted buying a NEW Honda, but I've met many that regretted the day the walked into the VW dealer. Just read some of the Consumer Reports and reviews on Edmunds.

If you're comfortable shelling out $30K for a VW that'll need $2,000/yr in maintenance after the short warranty period expires, and when you do have warranty claims the dealer will delay and try to weasel their way out of; then go for the VW. Oh yeah and after 5 or 6 years the car will be hard to sell and be worth at least 30% less than a comparable Honda or Toyota.
You are stuck in the 90's. I've had three flawless new VWs since 2000 and my workmates have had incredible problems with their civics and accords. You seem very convinced but we have more VWs than Hondas where I work and the only really strange stuff comes from the japanese side. I won't even get into my 2010 and 2011 subaurus that were both piles of garbage. The first one was bought back by subaru and I traded the second in on a VW when SOA continued dicking me around (and the subaru dealers were horrid). Where are you getting $2K a year maintenance? They get oil changes every 10K miles like just about everything else out there these days.
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