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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post
Damn, you would have lost the race if this shit takes this long...

I suppose you didn't get any anti seize either...
I know better than to race anybody.
I have more anti seize than Napa does - I even put it on my breakfast cereal.

Originally Posted by Twilight Error View Post
Generally speaking, avoid using chrome sockets and extensions with impact tools. They're very hard and can shatter under the loads an impact wrench can impart. Impact sockets and extensions have a higher yield strength than their chrome cousins and can handle the abuse better. You were likely never in any danger of that with this job, you stated the bolts spun right out without drama. 12pt impact sockets are out there, but you've got to seek them out.
The Craftspeople stock had all kinds of bizarre sockets (even pass-thru spline looking things with a pass-thru ratchet) but no 12 pt impacts.

The right fork tube pulled out of the triple clamp with little trouble, the left is a pain in the ballz. I hit it top & bottom with Kroil, tapped a small chisel in the bottom of the lower clamp slot and a pry bar in the top of the slot (with Mrs Hazard applying 1 womanpower), even put my heat gun and put a spacer and hit it with my air impact hammer () on it, and the tube still won't come out. I might have to call in the Marines (my neighbor who is a large, fearless diesel mechanic).

I guess that it's rusted into the clamp, seeing as there was no corrosion on the caliper bolts, there has to be rust someplace annoying.
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