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You just need to turn the idle up a bit, and the throttle stop wears a little.

The longest ride I did on my TU in a day was 350 miles or so, from South Jersey up to Northern Pennsylvania.
I have done that same basic ride hundreds of times from the 70's, on all sorts of bikes, including big Harley's, old 750 Bonneville's, new Bonneville's, Sportster's old and new, old Daytona's, dual sport bikes, and the most fun and enjoyable ride has been on the little TU250.
Some of the least fun bikes to do it on were the new Bonneville and the new 1200 sportster.
For me, it seems having plenty of power sort of takes the edge off the fun, on the back roads or the interstate.
Many bikes feel very slow at 70 mph, while my TU feels like its doing warp 6.
Only time limits the distance of my trips, and there is nothing I would like more then riding far and long on the TU.

For me, doing a long ride on a big boring bike is harder to do then on a smaller fun thrilling bike.
Many times, I have come home after a 12 to 14 hour ride on the TU, and after being home for a half hour, I went out for a ride after feeding the cat. An all day ride was just not enough.
On many big bikes, 3 hours was more then enough.
And I never had more fun in the rain then zipping though traffic in heavy rain (and flooding) on the TU.

And I stop someplace and get crap about my little bike from someone who is in a car, but has a big Harley at home.
Well, who is having more fun?

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That's a beauty. My red '09 provided lots of fun this year, mostly day tours less than 200 miles and one overnight campout. I've logged a lot of gravel miles, some snow/ice, and even a little bit of dirt riding. Learned to let it warm up before I leave or it will die at stops till it warms up. Other than that, it's performed flawlessly. An inmate sold me the service manual for $20, he bought and studied it considering buying one. The very large section on diagnosing problems with fuel injection system scared him off. But I'm still happier with fuel injection than another carb.
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