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2009 Aprilia SR50 R Factory

So, as mentioned in a few other threads, this is the bike I purchased January 12 with 58 miles on the dash.

Haven't got very many miles on it since the place where I reside does not have a garage so I am looking for a place before hitting the streets and really using it.

Just a few observations with what is basically a brand new bike with a few scratches from being stored for travel while the PO used it as an AMA pit bike.

Quality has been slathered all over the machine. From the high quality plastics and paint to the switch gear and even the seat cover material, it all constantly reminds you that this isn't a triple figure scooter from a Craigslist ad.

Even the ride is smooth, unlike any other stock scooter I have ridden and the handling is very stable and nothing like the darty, slapped together and hope it works, mainland China specials. You know, the ones that lower their brow and look away at the slightest hint of the word 'geometry'.

Today was my third ride on the bike and it was not wanting to wake up from the few days of very cold slumber. I place no blame on the bike. I haven't wanted to get up and out either in the sub-freezing weather.

After cranking it over for a while she finally lit up and settled into a nice idle and a few minutes were provided for warm up. While building some heat there was some condensation coming from the exhaust so I am glad to have gotten over to blow that out of the system.

The dash is a unique feature having the fuel gauge, water temp, dual trip meters, and a slew of options in the menu. I dig the orange color even though it reminds me of BMW auto infotainment.

With regards to performance, and this being the second scooter I have ever had from close to new, this machine is still fun even though you have to keep the throttle to half way for the first 312 miles. I mean, it will still get up to 35 to 40mph with about half throttle so the break will not be painful!

With my Genuine Rattler 50 I gave up on the break in and just rode how I wanted and used high quality 2t oil. Of course, after I received my Rattler back from the first service the bike never had the power it did before I took it in(maybe Vegas Motorsports switched my engine for a used poor running unit while they were bending my rear wheel in the bike stand clamp?)

Also found a missing screw which I reinstalled and picked up a new brake light as the stocker blew the running light filament. Now all is well and I can continue to break in the bike and enjoy it's stellar performance and quality.

Also of note would be the brakes. Front and rear discs, hydraulic, and lovely to orchestrate. Most scooters up to 200cc have a drum rear brake which I have always hated the feel of(cable operated). These feel nice and taut with linear progression and good power. They give a feeling of being both confident and refined.

If you are thinking of getting one and want superior performance to any 4t 50cc or any 50cc 2t for that matter, I wouldn't hesitate. The bike really is that good! Also it seems to sip gas whether the throttle is pinned or half open(i have been staying at half mostly but do some full throttle runs just to vary things) and that oil jug is being sipped through the smallest of straws as I haven't seen it move yet. Also can't smell a whole lot from the exhaust so it definitely burns clean compared to the other 2t I had so no complaints there.

I will put in the pictures that I have scattered on other threads just for good measure.

Oh, and this is being kept completely stock, despite a high ceiling of tuning potential.

One last bit, the lights are phenomenal!
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