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Originally Posted by PoundSand View Post
what do you want to achieve?

you mentioned mma- if you want to be a bad ass and hit stuff (and can go to work bruised up occasionally), but can't find a mma school, muy thai is pretty awesome. boxing too. both should be pretty easy to find. judo and jiu jitsu, as mentioned, are relatively gentler, and both should be easy to find as well (and charleston has a couple really good bjj guys). all 4 provide valuable tools if you want to transition to mma at some point.

if cost is a concern, judo and boxing will probably be relatively cheap compared to most other martial arts.
Well I miss kicking ass and getting my ass kicked a lot. I used to spar twice a week. I mentioned mma because it encompasses all martial arts. My buddy that taught the classes I used to take reccomended muy thai as well. I might see if I can find that down here. Judo sorta interests me but it seems pretty one dimensional.

What's bjj?
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