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Too tall for sportbikes
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I've never owned a Triumph. I've owned lots of bikes, but never a Triumph.

I'm basically searching for a poor man's Multistrada. Not interested in doing any off road stuff. I'm more likely to end up at a track day than I am off road.

My last bike was a Versys 650, which was a great little bike for the money. If it had a better suspension and about 40 more HP it would have been perfect.

Seems as if the 1050 falls into that category, and they don't seem to have lots of resale value for some reason. I'm always cautious of bikes that have low resale value. That can (not always) indicate they have some problem people are avoiding.

Heck, I'd pick up another Ulysses if I knew I could get parts and such for it. I used to beat the snot out of mine and enjoyed it a great deal.
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