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Originally Posted by Nihon Newbie View Post
Custom head gaskets should be here soon. Hopefully my hypothesis about the piston rings will prove to be accurate, so I can hone the bore, or maybe even switch back to the old rings, and be done with it! If I can get the motor running well again, I'm going to Plastidip the wheels and bodywork and sell it ASAP.

Thanks for the input. I think I mentioned a few posts back that it's actually the entire crankscase that is weeping oil, because exhaust gasses are making it past the piston rings and pressurizing the cases, forcing oil out from many places. The place it was leaking the most was the valve cover, but only because it was sealed in the least effective way, with just a rubber o-ring. Again though, thanks for the info.
I am not a mechanic, so expanding gas gets past the rings into the case, how does the expanding gas then make it into the valve cover? Maybe you are saying the gas is making it's way past the valve guides, but that has nothing to do with piston rings?
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