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Originally Posted by Al Goodwin View Post
I NEVER consciously think just happens.

I've been tidings since age 9, I'm 48 now. Hare-scrambles, 24 hour off-road endurance races, 11 years of road racing, and 100s of thousands of miles on the street.....counter-steering NEVER crosses my mind, It's just the way It's done.

I have no idea why/how this subject continues to be discussed time, and time, and time again. Of you ride a motorcycle, and you go into , and out of a ARE countersteering to initiate the turn.

All it should take is a couple of rides to figure this out. Go ride a very heavy steering bike, Harley XR1200 is a good one. Then a very light/neutral steering bike, maybe a motard/sort-bike....the difference will be astonishing. From having to hold the bike over into a corner, the XR1200, to having do nothing once you're set into the corner.
+1 I've been riding motocross since age 9 as well and soon to be 26 now. I didn't think about counter-steering at all either until I first rode a sportbike at 21. I never gave a thought at all to how I made the motorcycle change lean angle. On a dirtbike the steering is so light you don't have any sensation of actually counter-steering. Once I threw a sportbike into a few turns it was incredibly obvious that you had to counter-steer to initiate a turn or change lean angle at all. After finding that out, understanding how it works did help my riding a little.

I think its discussed to much simply because people have a hard time understanding why it works and some people make it way over complicated. Things like "it only works over 5mph, its because of gyroscopic procession, it changes the center of gravity, but I can steer with my feet so the motorcycle isn't counter-steering thus you don't need to counter-steer, you counter-steer all the way through the corner, blah blah blah blah blah" ect. It makes it really hard for people trying to figure it out by listening to all of that crap and most of its wrong information. Even with the right information its hard to wrap your head around turning the WRONG way to go the direction you want to.

You have to think about what your doing to learn it. Once its learned it can be second nature in normal riding conditions. To make sure you still react correctly in stressful situations you've gotta train in stressful situations. Slightly pushing your limits just nudging your comfort zone at a track day or off-road is the only way to make sure can handle the extremes of riding when the shit hits the fan. That goes for more than just counter-steering. I guess you could push your limits on the street, but its usually not a good idea.
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