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i love my '09 , I rode it far and wide last year ; group rides set up through to Muskoka , then to the eastern rendezvous in New Hampshire were the highlights for me . I hope to ride it far over the horizon next year , too.
The people I've met and the places I've seen since buying the Vstrom are the reason I'm becoming addicted to long-distance motorcycle touring .
On the flipside , it cannot be denied that many of us Vstrom owners subsequently plunk a pile of cash into our bikes in upgrades and farkles . My list includes the Altrider crashbars , skidplate and sliders , madstad bracket and windshield , tires , Russell Day Long seat in production now , Holan Panniers ( group buy through this site ) , bar risers ( required longer brake lines ) , heated grips , gps , , peg lowering kit... and it's only through extreme willpower that I haven't told Blair at SV Racing to " go ahead " , and ship the recommended suspension upgrades , front and rear . I probably could have just bought the ( fill in the blank- Tiger 800 ? ) instead .
Some may argue that the bike was designed in Japan for the average Asian male : 5' 4" , 120 lbs , size 6 shoes , etc , who lives on a relatively small island..... so for the average North American , 6' , 200 lbs , size 12 feet , who wants to load it with 100 lbs of gear and travel 3000 kms to the coast , well - that's gonna take some farkelling !
I love mine - and it's only ugly when I'm on it .
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