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Originally Posted by B02S4 View Post
Charging at 14.82v may not seem like a big deal, however to your true gel that's not so.

Can you try an AGM battery?

Can you load-test the gel battery?
While I didn't know charging at that high of a voltage could damage a battery, I did know that the 6amps of current to get to that voltage could, especially on a small 10amp-hour battery like on the motorcycle, which is why I've been charging at 2 amps. I was merely staring the ability of my charger, knowing that it was outputting sufficient voltage to charge a battery.

The point still remains though, that if a brand new battery (having been pre-charged by a dealer) is good enough to ride around town for 3 hours or so, that it cannot start a motorcycle 14 hours later.

This is the only battery I have. To swap it with an AGM, I'd have to buy a replacement, or take this one back to the dealer and try to exchange it. But I'm out of the country this week, so I can't do anything until the weekend. I had the battery charged and stable at 13.25V before I left, disconnected and sitting on my kitchen counter. We'll see what it drops to by the time I get back. Never know, perhaps when I installed the aux power switch, it closed something a circuit and that's draining the battery, or maybe when I bypassed the clutch safety switch. Either way, we'll see in a few days.
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