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Originally Posted by The dogger
If you've got a set of allen keys with a 90* bend , use the smallest one as a pick to remove any hard packed dirt from the knackered bolt . It's surprising how much can get lodged in there.
VERY true! That socket is pretty deep, and dirt WAS in mine...I replaced them with 8mm hex cap flange bolts..
It is also a 5mm allen socket cap can try a 'size up' or 5.5mm, or the similar sized ASE (at least it was OEM a 5mm)
Originally Posted by kiwibushdriver
hat will slightly reduce how tightly the carburettors are crammed into the intake boot, allowing you to slide the carbs out. Then you can access that bolt.
Yep, I did THAT on a different one...

If ALL else fails,
shear off the bolt head, then remove the carb insulator(manifold)
you will then have the remains of the stud to remove, use vise grips(locking) to turn it..
after it starts to turn, you are gold!!
(try working it back and forth before attempting to fully remove, the corrosion that has locked it into the head will also snap the bolt flush...and THEN you are farkled!

If you get the top two out, you can rotate the assembly to get a better angle on it..

Someone already mentioned,
remove the airbox mounting screws, and slide the airbox backwards about 1 inch to 1.5 inches....leave the carb in the airbox snorkels, but remove the exhaust side of the carbs from the carb insulator..

If you can get to the bolt, cut a slot into it, and use a straightblade screwdriver to turn it...

Did you fix it yet?
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