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Originally Posted by Drippy View Post
Hey guys, just a heads up. This seller doesn't honor posted "dibs". I responded with a dibs 4 minutes after he posted the ad. Now maybe someone PM'd him before before I posted, and if so, then fair enough. I called him out on it via PM and he hasn't responded yet. I gave him awhile before I posted this. Just be careful with this seller.

I posted this in the other helmet thread where you were calling out the seller.

Calling dibs and then asking questions regarding the item is another way of saying that you want someone to hold something while you make your mind up.

I bought the yellow Vector 2 off the seller after shooting him a pm and asking him about the build date, etc. He promptly responded, I replied with I would take it, and within 30 minutes of paying for the helmet, he sent me a tracking number.

$250 for a XD4, new mind you, you'll need to be quick.
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