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Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
My right eye vision is almost back to normal.

Been using my mercury stick for thirty years or more. I just take the caps off the carbs and hook it up.

Going to the 130 main and 45 pilot appears to have cost me 3-4 MPG ( from 31 to 27) on the last two tanks of fuel. I'll try 128 main and 42 pilot next to see I can get the lost MPG back. Sure does run better and warms up asap here in warm FL.

Got the following from Jan at Gossie when I inquired about the needle.

needles fit straight in the engine without further changes or adjustments.
Needles were designed to keep the engine cooler as the air/fuel mixture
was terrible. Extra profit was abt. 30% more power.
Note that at that time the Urals had a standard main jet of 120. For a
little more power in the middle range you can fit a
123 main jet in combination with a K&N E-2470 air filter. In the States
we advise to add abt. 15CC lub. oil on a full tank to the fuel, to
reduce a wear on the needle owing to the very poor fuel quality.
Price of the needles is 25,50 euro/ea. Shipping charges are 5,-- euro by
normal mail and 17,50 by registered mail which is guaranteed.
In case of order payment can be done to our Paypal account "".
Kind regards,

Price plus registered shipping is about $92 USD?

Have you had the wear problem mentioned in the above email or do you use a upper lube like Marvel Mystery Oil as suggested in the email? 15 cc or one half of an ounce doesn't seem like much to four gallons of fuel. My stock main was a 125.
I do use MMO based on Gene's suggestions as a can't hurt, only help with our ethanol contaminated fuels. No problems with wear on needles yet (5000 km on them). The 2011 jets are bigger than the ones Jan mentioned - those 120's apparently were in the older bikes. Changing to the smaller jets hasn't helped my mileage that much, but I tend to run a lot of highway miles at 90-100 kph. With a tail wind sometimes 31-33mpg, mostly though 28mpg.

As you get the k's on it the motor will run better and better, just like the old beemers (R60 and earlier).

Have a ball!
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