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I recently read about it in Rider Magazine Feb 2013 page 56. It could be a trick advertisement or good advice.

They said Star Tron is a fuel formed from naturally occuring enzymes and can stabilize gasoline up to two years. It's a fuel so you can't over dose like Stabil. Says it reduces water to harmless, micron-sized droplets and the sugar effect of ethanol is nullified by it's solvent action.

The author snuck in that his buddies at a local BMW dealership told him about it. They had a lot of fuel injection pumps failing at an alarming rate if the bikes were left to sit with old gas for more than 90 days.

It is supposedly available everywhere now.

Oh the article started out with a guy having problems with his concours. Andy said conventional stabilizers and old fuel are hard to burn. They foul the plugs and make the bike run poorly after storage. Thus Star Tron to the rescue.

I guess a few guys here know for sure Ethanol is okay and Star Tron is snake oil.
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