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Be honest with yourself..

If you are looking for a more leisurely approach to motorcycling the new style 2013 with the bigger motor may actually be smoother from a throttle and rapid shifting point of view. This is where you need to be honest with yourself: ride a 950 or 990 and see if you can deal with the right here right now acceleration. These bikes are on or off and they are bored if you are not on the gas. And they show it. I've had both and they are not like BMW's. they will go places no other big ADV bike will go but at the cost of some street bike like qualities. MAYBE the new bikes with the bigger motor will have this BMW like quality where you can just leave it in whatever gear you are in and ride. Top gear for instance. I've test ridden 1100GS bikes and they are just like my old R1100RS in that they make pretty good street bikes. I sure as hell wouldn't want to take one off road though.
If you honestly want a radical dirt bike look no further than the 990 style bikes. And for sure hold out for a test ride on the ugly new ones. They may be more your cup of tea.
Just trying to give an objective opinion based on my experience and not a critical OR favorable opinion. It is what it is, all bikes are a compromise. Weigh them all or get one of each : )
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