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Originally Posted by andoulli View Post
I am not a mechanic, so expanding gas gets past the rings into the case, how does the expanding gas then make it into the valve cover? Maybe you are saying the gas is making it's way past the valve guides, but that has nothing to do with piston rings?
Well, I know there is a kind of enclosure around the cranks inside the main engine case, but I don't know if that is sealed. I'm guessing not, because as I mentioned, if I take off the timing hole cap on the side cover, that lets you look at the markings on the flywheel, exhaust gas is coming out. That whole cavity in there where the flywheel is, is connected to the area up top by the valve cover by way of the tunnel where the timing chain lives. The chain goes down from the camshaft sprocket and wraps around the gear teeth directly on the crankshaft. This is what lead me to believe that the rings are the issue at hand.

I wish I had my GoPro so I could just post a video! Haha. Might have to break out my DSLR and get some video the hard way...
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