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Originally Posted by kurtaxline View Post
These guys are a total scam..!! The owner doesn't even know how to explain the physics of the product. Don't believe their nice little animation on their web... it's total BS..!! IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS PRODUCT DID NOT WORK FOR ME..!!! But, I found out the hard way. They're REAL easy to put in... but taking them out is a very expensive endeavor. You've got to break down your wheels if you don't like the product to get them out. I used them in my 2009 Harley Street Glide and got a real bad vibration around 60MPH and up. After the many phone calls to Innovative Balancing's "tech support" (which is a complete joke because they don't have any tech support) they couldn't explain it at all... all they could say was that it had to be something loose or wrong with the bike. So, I spent several hundreds of dollars between having my tires aligned with the rim (the dot and the valve stem), having my Fall Away checked-out, having my rims checked for defects, having every nut and bolt checked-out and ultimately having the wheels broken down to remove the POS DynaBead BS product. Went back to weights and immediately lost the vibration. Will NEVER use a scam product like this again and will NEVER deal with these Innovative Balancing yahoos again. DON'T DO IT..!! I only wish someone would have warned me beforehand. When I finally called to ask for my money back, all Carol (the owner) and her minions would say was "we'll gladly refund any unused product". When I asked how I could get my money back since I had obviously used it, they again just said (like a broken record) "we'll gladly refund any unused product". This meant of course that I was not getting any money back. I've never received any money back from them for my "used" product. In summary, their little white ceramic beads that go so easily in the valve stem, cost me roughly $500 to fix and ultimately remove. Don't be a sucker... they're counting on it..!!
Hey Kurt,

Next time you get your bike up to 60 mph .......... pull in your clutch and let your motor go back to an idle while the bike coasts down the road. I'm guessing that most of your vibration will go away when you do this.

Next time you want to have your tires balanced, call me. I'll do it for $250!

Welcome to ADV Rider! Angry, spiteful and uninformed ............. you're gonna fit in here just fine!
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