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Originally Posted by Nihon Newbie View Post
TBH I'm just going off the service manual, and my general experience. Bearings aren't my specialty. Do you have the drive plates and other stuff taken off the transmission side of the shaft? If all that is off, I would assume that it should turn freely by hand, with little to no noise. You could always try to scrub it out with a toothbrush, not a wire brush, and some light cleaner, NOT WD-40. After that try cramming in some new waterproof grease, not too much, and see if that helps.

If you ONLY have the wheel off, as is shown in the pictures, I don't think you can access the bearing itself, and when you spin it by hand, you'll hear lots of noises, since you're spinning all the gears and whatnot in the transmission, too.

Hope that helped some...
I haven't pulled the drive apart yet, just have the wheel off. Guess that's next on the list. Might as well dig in there and see what's going on.

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