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The promise of warm weather was too much to resist this past Sunday so I decided to ride the route poolman described on a previous post. The weather was not as anticipated and a heavy fog stayed in the area all day.

Yeah, we got out as much as possible this weekend too. Nice photos - it's hard to get good crisp shots with such flat light. I love the motion shot! I've done a bunch of them and feel pretty comfy doing it these days.

On Saturday we got up fairly early and went for a long hike over near Eagle Rock; drove over in fog and mist, light rain, thinking GREAT, it was supposed to be warm and sunny! WTF?! By the time we got to the trailhead the fog had lifted, the mist quit, and we enjoyed a 6 mile hike (with 16 stream crossings, no bridges, VERY slick!). The sun came out and the humidity was very high so we were totally over-dressed and sweating like pigs. The dogs in their thick winter coats had their tongues hanging out a foot and every time we crossed the stream they'd lay in it to drink and cool off. A very strange day for mid-January, but gorgeous.

Sunday we had chores around the house to take care of, then got out on the bike for about 100 miles of cautious lowland touring in the afternoon. The roads were pretty slick, wet everywhere from the cool ground plus warm humid air combo and the residual sand/gravel the VDOT has put down everywhere. We had sun and blue sky here, just glorious, but the roads were still wet all day. Since then, we've had 36 hours of rain with temps in the 50's so the creeks are up and it's neck deep mud everywhere. We need the moisture, I just wish it would snow like it's supposed to in Winter!

OK, back to work.... Glad you got out for a nice ride!

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