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Originally Posted by Moronic View Post
Hi NMEXPAT, thanks for your comments on the stock fork. Sounds like it works quite well.

I am leaning more and more towards picking up a 2013 base model. If the suspension is okay or better then I could ride it around quite happily while waiting for the Ohlins semi-active kit to come out. Then could decide whether to go for that package, or fit a manual Ohlins shock and a fork kit, or just the manual shock, or simply leave it alone (at least until the stock shock wears out).

The full Ohlins package obviously will be very good (even if not Skyhook), and of course could be removed and sold separately at new bike time, or likely removed and fitted to another Multi if/when Ducati releases a fresh upgrade.

BTW: from Ducati's promotional material on the web, it appears the 2013 base model will come with the same 85-125N/mm progressive rear spring that they are fitting to the Skyhook bikes. If they make that available as a spare part, it could be a good upgrade for prior-year base models.

On your fork dive thing, if it were me, I think I'd be going up a size on the front springs and sticking with the standard weight oil.

And I'd be simply riding around what brake dive remained. It is built into the design.

Sure, you can control it by adding so much spring that the fork behaves like a short-travel sport bike fork, but then you've got the height of the long-travel Multi without the plushness that the long travel provides. Or you can firm up the low-speed damping by adding viscosity, as you have, with a similar effect: less brake dive but harsh high-speed damping that jars you on sharpish hits.

As you have likely worked out, that is one conflict that Skyhook helps resolve.
It sounds like you and I are aligned quite closely. Just last night I received the most recent edition of road racing world, in which they reviewed the new Ohlins mechtronix (SP?) electric shock for the 2011-2012 ZX-10. It got very high marks. From reading this review, I've basically decided to wait and see if Ohlins does indeed come out with a new and upgraded electronci semi-active or active fork and shock combo or an old school manual combo.

Thanks for the tip about the progressive sping from the 2013 base MTS may fit a 2010. I didn't thnk of that. That might be a good option!

My original post about the base marzocchi forks may have sounded harsh to some inmates, but in reality this is the best set of forks I've had on a bike. My post was talking about some very nit picky details and trying to achieve a delicate balance with the long travel suspension, initially plush but got progressively firmer with an overweight rider in the seat.
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