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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
How much do you weigh (perhaps I missed this)? I weigh about 200lbs and haven't experienced any of this on mine. Even a sport bike would "blow through" it's travel if you landed a wheelie hard.

I also haven't experienced excessive dive. There's an off ramp that I take that is down hill, fast and rolling dips in the middle of it. I find it's an excellent test of front suspension and have taken most bikes I've owned in the last ten years down it. On the Multi I hit it at about 90mph and absolutely bury the front. On most bikes this means once you get to the rollers the front end has nothing left and you often have to let off or take the pounding of a locked front end. The 'Strada just soaks it up - there seems to be an additional something even with the forks at the bottom of their stroke.

While it does dive more than a sportbike (duh) it's nothing compared to most "adventure" bikes. Even though I have the "cheap" Multi (no Ohlins) I don't think I've experienced a bike with such good suspension off the show room.

I weigh 250+lbs with gear, not the skinny Italian test rider.

With the stock oil weight and factory preload and compression and rebound settings, I could easily lift the rear weel off the ground when moderately braking for a corner. I've increased the fork preload, oil weight and compression damping on the front so it doesn't dive as much and as fast - a more controlled dive motion. I can still lift the rear off the road but it's braking very very hard and very abruptly. Not as bad now.

It still does dive more than a typical short length suspension, it's just more reasonable now. I prefer a certain feel when loading the front for a corner, all about a personal preference.

Squating under acceleration in the rear was also reduced by adjusting the preload and comrpession damping. To keep it from rocking back and forth I also adjusted the rebound damping.

I'm very happy with the base suspension and fully agree with your last sentence. Just trying to achieve the feel I prefer from this bike with such long legs.
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