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DRZ400e Kickstand Question

Hey Guys,
Noob guy here. Have a kickstand issue I cannot figure out. I will try to keep it short.

Last week in the mud, laid down my DRZ400e and when I picked it back up, noticed the kickstand was loose now and the little nub the spring attaches to was broken and the spring was laying in the grass. I picked up the spring, put it in my pocket and we attached bailing wire to the kickstand to keep it up and limped home.

Upon further inspection, I feel like there must be more than this one spring missing. It's short and has almost no stretch capabilities. My Buddy's 400s has another longer spring inside of his spring. I wonder if I left another spring on the ground out in the middle of nowhere?

So a guy in the flea market here is being a hero and sending me a DRZ kickstand he has laying around but he doesn't have any springs. Even on Ebay, they sell the kickstand sans spring. What's the deal with these things? I'm wondering if maybe I do have the correct spring and am just too nooby to know it? Maybe there is some hydraulic tool that stretches it out when you attach it?

Does anyone have any DRZ400 kickstand expertise that can help me? I'm lost.

Sorry if that does't make any sense.

Trying to add a pic of the spring I do have next to a Bic lighter for scale. Is this all I need?

Thanks for any help!

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