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It is the same question :) Thought I throw it out here to!

1. I have never ridden any other w650 but I think its running completely normal.

2. The plugs doesnt look oily, more chocolate/tan like, pretty normal I guess.

3. I cleaned the airfilters last summer, then the filters were pretty oily, and the airbox to. and the bike runs a lot better when I cleaned them and put on the "right" amount of oil on them. Doesnt know what the previous owner have did.

Thats waht Im thinking also, but just as you say, it shouldnt leak anything there anyway?!
It seems that this oily, sticking thing has been there for a while. It is almost black (as you can see in 2 of the photos) and very sticky, it has not coming recently but this was the first time I checked under there.

I just DONT want it to be any blown head gasket!? :(
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