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Originally Posted by Keyf View Post
When I purchased a Volvo S40 T5, I upgraded the low beams from H11s to modified H9s.

On the high beams, I went with the HIR conversion. I just changed one side and went out for a spin to see if there was an improvement. Hell YES ! I completed the other side and the amount of light compared to stock is well worth the cost of the bulbs. A HID conversion may put out more light but for high beams (where you may need instant lighting), the HIRs are the way to go.

This spring, I will be getting a HIR to replace my high beam on my Suzuki.

Interesting to hear that they work well.

I upgraded some aux lights to HID last summer. They come right on with my high beam. I've read about this supposed HID delay and I suppose may be some sort if sub-second delay but it's not noticable so for all intents and purposes my HIDs come on "instantly" with my high beam And I don't have any special HID kit, just the run-of-the-mill kit from DDM.
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