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Originally Posted by cba191 View Post
the rule should ALWAYS be "one penis per bike"!
So, you don't like someone on the back of your bike, and apparently you don't think women should ride their own bike.

Dunno. Some of us prefer less of a sausage-fest.

Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
Two-up isn't ideal, but it does mean you have someone to join you at the end of the ride. Sometimes the solitude is nice, but often enough sharing time after the ride is equally nice.
You can do that if she rides her own bike, too.

When I met the Spouse Unit, she was terrified of motorcycles- from a long time ago when her sister gave her a ride to work. (Note, 20-odd years later, her sister still isn't that great a rider...)

Our first date was two-up, and after that ride, she was "OK". A few dates later, she was having fun. A few months after that, she was learning to ride her own. That summer and nearly every summer since, she's ridden her own bike to Monterey. It cuts my daily mileage in half, but that's OK; we've stumbled into some really cool things that way.

This past year she thought she wanted to pillion. I'm generally against it for long trips, but the Tiger 800XC I had just picked up seemed roomy enough, so we tried it, and learned two things.

One, the T800 has a two hour seat.

Two, as an experienced rider, she doesn't like being a pillion on long trips as much as she thought...
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