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Thrashed about...

Well at the ripe old age of 45 I don't think my wife is going to be able to deal with being thrashed about on the back of the 990 as she was say four years ago and prior on the 950. I hate the idea of leaving her behind to not enjoy the dual sport scene, as she knows all the people we ride with. To be honest, at 44 I'm not looking forward to being thrashed about on the trails two up either. It is much more work. 200 to 300 miles of dual sport in a weekend and you're pretty beat. If you can't stand up and move back and forth its not as fun. You have to go a lot slower. So I will encourage her to bring some books and the iPad and hang out at the campground with the guard dog. (That even sounds fun to me, guess I am getting old)
And save our two up riding for dirt and paved roads. I don't see many two up off road couples, none at the last few events we did..Hancock and shenendoa and Lockhaven. A while back I used to see a couple on about a 400 cc jap bike or so. That was ten years ago. They used to ride a few events, particularly the Shenandoah. They too probably got wise or old, perhaps both.
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