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I find it interesting that anecdotally there are more people who say they don't bother balancing their tires and notice "no problems" than say the Dyna beads work as advertised. Maybe one could read something into that about how well Dyna beads actually work...
FYI, a tire doesn't "stay" in balance, even if it was a so called "perfect tire" when mounted to a good rim that was concentric and in balance itself. Tires wear unevenly-regardless of other factors and even if in balance with rim weights in the beginning of their life. You can not use beads & rebalance with rim weights or spin new tires for best balance spot but fact remains they can & do go out of balance from uneven wear.
I use the beads and have stuck with the 2oz rear/10z front as advised by the seller. They work for me & keep my tires spinning smoothly over the life of the tire. I don't sell them, have been a pro car & helo & industrial mech that also worked in a tire factory a good bit & life long bike guy. I also reuse them-they tirn a little black as the collect some stuff off the tire liner but still nice little round beads after many revs in there.
FWIW,The new Michelin Pilot Road 2's I just bought did not have balance spots on them. Years ago when I worked on the balance machines in a Goodyear tire plant the machine dropped a colored wax dot of various colors based on what spec it met, not based on the light spot, it was about if that car tire met an auto mfg's spec for being a OEM new car tire or it also indicated that the tire was unsuitable for any use. There were other checks such as human visual inspection prior to balance check & force variation check after the balance check.
I wish we could get a realsitic view from someone that works in MC tire place but they all seem to be foreign these days-all we get is superficial info from mags r.e., MC tires as they are paid advertisers in the mag so is "light info" & somewhat biased too.
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