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Originally Posted by greywolves View Post
A "BIG THANKS TO ALL" who have responded to this thread!

And IF you've got ANYTHING to add PLEASE do!!! Nothing is too BIG or TOO small.....

Diggin it!!!
When you build it yourself you can do it in stages as when you have the money to buy materials, hire help,otherwise you are stuck with one payment or borrowed money.Thats a biggie for me from the get go! Earlier statement r.e. painting your own car , truck or bike one time just isn't the same senario(entirely different skill set for starters) as a one time pole bldg, unless you simply lack the building skill or time to do it. E.g. even if I didn't have a tractor to bore my post holes I could easily hire out that part locally w/o going all the way to a pro builder.
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