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Originally Posted by crobox View Post
I guess you're requesting that of me...??

Sorry I am unfamiliar with "OP"...

HERE is a panorama of my shop that I took about a month ago. The main reason I took the picture was to illustrate what a mess my shop was, and how the bike was scattered in hundreds of pieces everywhere. The shop is usually cleaner; it's cleaner now; and the bike is much better organized now too.

You can zoom in on the picture and make out a lot of the tools. It is a fairly comprehensive fabrication and machine shop which I share with my partner. She is a blacksmith and metal artist too.

Yeah sorry, OP means "Original Poster" or "Original Post" depending on context. keep it coming!

Edit: Holy jealous, that is a well kitted shop, good for you! What is with the expansion chamber on your wood stove?
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