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Pal is obviously a great guy with a ton of experience. He knew to give the guy a once over before continuing on.

With the adrenaline pumping it is often hard to self access. I know I always check my extremities one by one to make sure they are in proper working order after a wicked get off. Then again, I've heard of guys trying to stand up with an obviously broken leg and not knowing it until the fall down. Or the story of the guy that knew it was a bad crash when he saw the leg by his head was his (femur broke). He didn't initially feel it.

Originally Posted by practicalshooter View Post
From PAU's FB. Google translated.

Pål Anders Ullevålseter was number 27 on the current 11 stage of the Dakar Rally, and fell to 20 overall.
Special stage of 220 kilometers had started in La Rioja and finish in Fiambala.

The winner of today's stage was Kurt Caselli from the U.S. at the time 2:55:01 and he beat the Norwegian by 47 minutes and 4 seconds. Ullevålseter is now at 20 in the overall - 2:50:31 behind overall leader Cyril Despres of France.

Pål Anders has this to say about today's stage:

- Another heavy day (starting to get tired of saying it, but it is unfortunately true) and not really much else to say about either driving or equipment. Struggling to start as far back as I do because of the dust. Sand and dirt in your face all the way and it's almost impossible to advance past the lies ahead. The sooner you start now, the easier it is to keep your place.

Had also a situation today where a rider with start number 102 (?), Crashed right in front of me. I slowed down to see what happened to him, but he was lying. I turned for help and when I came away I saw that his leg was broken and he was in shock. We have a "red button" that each of motorcyclists can press if you need assistance helicopter, so I helped him push this to get help. Several others just drove past without caring at all, so it's pretty raw and brutal also on human plan here sometimes. I hope I get in. I took the loss for this episode, but it is thus not important.
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