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Carlton with big "wraps" on Caselli... "You are looking at a future winner of the Dakar..."

For sure a great compliment for a truly extraordinary talented rider, who is doing an excellent job in his rookie outing (KTM made a good choice for their replacement of Coma).

Just a grain of salt for all the euphoria though... regards Kurts "opening of the road" and the CAP navigation....

Normally in the Fiambala dunes and surrounding terrain (when dry) there is next to no visual track/wheel tracks to follow... even until the first maybe 20 bikes pass... from some of the (admittedly limited) footage shown on ES tonight, it seems that even the early nmbers (moto's) had some form of wheeltracks as a prompt... could this be the course check crew (24 hours before), or even left over imprint from last years stage (I did read somewhere they would use same stage for the moto course?).

Regardless, Kurt did a great job out front (it was same conditions for all), I am just pointing out that the "student" is not the "master" till he can track a CAP over virgin dunes at Coma/Despres pace - something that possibly only Helder and Barreda have in their reportoire at this point in time...? but to Caselli's credit (the on air interview he did with Adelaide) he seem's to have the humility, confidence and ability... that one day soon (with a few more rallies under the belt) that he WILL have!

If he takes the "rookie" title this year... it is well deserved!
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