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Originally Posted by traveltoad View Post
Ok... so.... how to fit the Overlander30 onto a small bike.

First of all, this was a good time to play with the rack loops. I have a new rear fender to install... so even if I end up turning my fender into swiss cheese... it's no problem!

So, drill in hand, time to START DRILLING!

But... hmmm.... this is pretty easy. I know that I want one set of loops forward and low on the fender. So looking at the contours of my rear fender (2001 KTM 400) there really is only one place to mount them. Then place a US10 on the fender lined up with the front rack loops... and well... mount the rear loops. Pretty damn easy.

The other holes on the top area of the fender are from the old tail light/inner fender and the new tail light/inner fender, not from the rack loop install.

I mounted each set of the Rack Loops (front and rear) centered from the lower edge of the fender to the body line. Aesthetically they look a bit uneven, so I will try them mounted an equal distance from the lower edge to see how that looks. (I don't know if that makes any sense.

So really, with a little thought and careful drilling, this is a quick and easy install. But will the Overlander30 fit?

Crossing to the rear Rack Loops:

and Bob's your Uncle!

My only concern is on the left side. I am not sure if the plastic side panel will support the bag. It doesn't seem to put much of any pressure on the side panel... but you never know.

Just for giggles I tried to cross at the forward Rack loops, but it was too close to the forward mounts and the bags sat very high and forward.

I realized that a set of US Alloy Hook Straps or Cam Straps is required to properly mount a US5 or US10 onto the Rack Loops, so I will order those from Michael on Monday. In the meantime I placed the US10 on the fender where the bag should sit once secured with the correct hardware.

When I remounted the Overlander30 bags I moved them one hook forward.

Seems better, but I will have to ride the bike to be sure.

And then a couple photos of the Overlander30 and the US10... which is WAY more stuff than I ever plan to carry on the little 400...

None of the bags were stuffed full for these photos, so a full bag will be bigger.

Edit: New fender with the Rack Loops repositioned slightly to be even from the lower edge.


With the OL30 and a US5 or 10 installed on your 400, does the 5 or 10 interfere or release the cam straps for the OL30?

Any other comments on your install on the 400 as I am just getting into the install on my 520?

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