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Honda Fuel Efficiencies

Honda had an issue with fuel efficiency when they built the four stroke engine for Moto GP. Their riders would fall off the lead pack at the end to keep from running out of gas.

This may just be a theme their engineers follow. Power and delivery may be a higher priority than fuel efficiency.

Interesting to see it pop up a second time in a totally different series.

I believe Miguel Duhamel had an issue in one of his last years in Daytona and then so did another Honda rider. I think it was 5 years ago. Initially it was believed to be improperly filled but for it to happen to a second rider it must be a team/bike issue. Now I would think they tuned it for power without calculating the loss of fuel efficiency.

Many things can go wrong, even if you checked and double checked everything.

I think someone pointed out that it took KTM 10 years to get it together enough to win Dakar. Another person pointed out Honda's game plan in the 80's for success and how the hit it on schedule.

Hey! The more competition between the manufactures the better for all of us. Isn't that what Dakar officials claimed the switch to 450cc would do?
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