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Originally Posted by crashmaster View Post
In some countries I had the same experience as you wrt to used fluids. I did it like the locals a couple of times and felt bad about it.

The next time I took my oil and coolant to a taller that does lots of oil changes and asked if there was a place I could dispose of the fluids. The mechanic looked at me kind of funny and said sure, he would take it. He then took both jugs behind the shop and dumped them in the dirt. In some countries/some places there is simply no way to dispose of this stuff properly. Its just the way it is.
The EPA estimates that the used oil from just one typical oil change could ruin a million gallons of freshwater—a year’s supply for 50 people. Also, I am surprised that in the back areas of CA and SA that the people don't at least burn it for fuel.
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