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Originally Posted by ride4321 View Post
I haven't pulled the drive apart yet, just have the wheel off. Guess that's next on the list. Might as well dig in there and see what's going on.
I've yet to take mine apart, but I think the preferred method is to put the wheel back on so you can wedge something in it, braced against the transmission case, to keep it from spinning while you take off the nut at the end of that shaft. I think there is another CH150 thread around here that talks about all that, as it's part of the same process you have to go through to get access to the clutch bell housing, and the roller weights in the driven face.

People have talked about needing an impact wrench to get that nut off...So be prepared to either use that or a breaker bar with the correct socket. Not something you want to round off, heh. Good luck!
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