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Originally Posted by 30Bones View Post
Searching this thread is tough.

So we have 3 options I see or tanks. IMS 3.0 $265, IMS 4.7 $400, Safari 3.7 for $500.

Common sense tells me IMS 4.7. had one on the KLR and never had an issue. Whats says ADV? both brands take a fall(s) well? We all know what the Safari looks like from BigDogs bike. An extra gallon and $100 cheaper, what's the catch?
That's a pic of my bike with the big 4.7 gal tank. It has taken lot's of falls,and I have had one issue. On the bottom of the tank (both lft & rt side) there is a brass bolt holding the fuel hose that lifts the fuel out of the deepest part of the tank. I believe I knocked that brass bolt pretty hard on a rock going over a log. It was slowly dripping fuel so I screwed that bolt in deeper so you can hardly see it exposed now. It has taken care of the leak about 99% so I just live with it. Just thought I'd pass that along for those who like to flog their bike.
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