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I guess this rings true for me as well

My beast, a 99 Transalp, has taken me through 11000 miles over the past 14 months, around 3000 of which were on long-distance trips. I always say that my bike's weakest link is the idiot sitting on top of it, and this rings true; it's been at the side of the road three times now:

- once because it ran out of petrol when I just had it for a few days
- once when I drove into a ditch somewhere in Scotland, amazingly coming out completely unharmed
- once when a brakecaliper rattled itself loose as I went 60 on the freeway, as I'd forgotten to use Loctite whilst remounting the caliper two weeks before.

With the last one, a towtruck had to take me out of harm's way. The feeling I had when it was strapped on that truck was just one of pure guilt - I really genuinely felt as if I'd let it down. In Scotland, I remember sneaking out my hotelroom during the night just to check whether it was still there - I genuinely don't like leaving it alone, anywhere at all.

I guess you could say it's just become way more than a machine to me.
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