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Originally Posted by rous44 View Post
It's not your battery !!!!
I and a lot of others have had this same problem. I can start mine up, ride for 15 or 20 miles, let it sit for an hour and it won't start. Won't start as in won't turn over. Just a click and nothing.
This problem has been discussed on several internet sites, and to my knowledge, no solution has been found. Several years ago some Australians were thinking about a class action against Triumph because this problem was so widespread. Don't know what became of this.
Triumph knows about the problem, even if your dealer doesn't. Several people have achieved a fix (maybe not permanent) by replacing the cdi box. Some claim it's the crank position pick up. ( Inside right engine cover) Replacing the regulator/rectifier is another solution thats been tried.
I've been reading a fair bit of stuff on TriumphRat about this, or a very similar problem, and some people have gotten it fixed by getting an "urban tune." From what I read, this is an undocumented Triumph tune that I think was meant to be their fix to this, either adjusting the ECU to allow it to start the bike at less than 12.6V, or it shutting off the ECU almost immediately after turning off the bike, instead of letting it continue to run for another several minutes. I'm already considering replacing the rectifier with a MOSFET type, which should be strong enough to charge the battery even at idle. That'd be awesome for me, since there are so many red lights where I live. I'm definitely going to be trying a few things once I get home this weekend.

I have quit riding my Scrambler because I'm never sure if it will get me home. I've been stranded four times. Tell me how a battery has less voltage after being ridden than it did before???
I know what you mean. There's a definite problem, even if it only effects a small percentage of bikes. I like the Scrambler, but I shouldn't have to plug it in each night like some electric car. And soon, I won't even be able to, since I'm moving to a parking garage that won't have an outlet for me to plug a tender into. I'm certainly not removing the seat, disconnecting the battery, and bringing it inside after every ride.

I hope you can get some response out of your dealer because, as much as I love my Scrambler, I can't own a bike I can't trust to ride.
Well, I kinda feel like I'm going to be on my own on this, since the dealer I used to go to no longer deals in Triumphs and my new one I think only started working with them recently.
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