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Originally Posted by geometrician View Post
Are you referring to Evans Coolant? That stuff is strange. Some dirtbike racers swear by it, others have destroyed their top ends because it doesn't "boil off" and give the rider a visual clue to overheating. It's expensive (+$40/gallon) & your system must be flushed with Evans Coolant & discarded to remove all old fluid which would be pricey on our bikes. If you are on a trip you can't add anything other than Evans to your radiator/coolant tank should you develop a leak. It's also VERY slippery and can create water pump & head gasket leaks- and our LC8's already have a tough time keeping their coolant behind the water pump seal. It stinks & is difficult to wash off your hands & clothing...YMMV Not sure about "zero pressure"- if you heat a closed system you are going to increase its pressure- one of those pesky ThermoDynamic Laws

Stick to a wetting agent with standard coolant- I used Redline concentrate

someone ask for the part number for the 2nd fan shroud... here's the link
One minor note. You can add water to Evans Coolant in an emergency, but if you exceed 5% they recommend you refill with Evans ASAP. That said, I considered it for my dirtbike, but decided to stick with a water based coolant.
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