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Looking good. Have you done much work with bondo? Pays dividends to apply as smoothly as possible, and not to add much more than you need. Was making a lot of unnecessary work for myself until I got the hang of that. Also, another thing I started doing was to do some preliminary sanding/shaping before the bondo hardens. There's about a 10 minute window when it's really great to work with. Not so wet that it will smear and ball-up when you sand it, but still soft enough that you can knock down the high spots with ease. Saves a ton of time/effort.
I know most peole use bondo as a generic term for polyester body filler, that said I have never cared for bondo brand body filler. I find it to be a bit hard and that is doesn't sand very well. For an inexpensive filler I use Dynatron Ultralight and my favorite is Rage Gold, which ironiclly comes in a purple can. Rage gold is not quite 2x the price of ultralite but it sands so much easier that you end up saving enough time and sand paper to justify the extra cost. Rage gold also spreads mush nicer than the others so that also saves you time in sanding and additional coats.

Jesus- East bay color on Phelan ave in San Jose is a good supplier for paint and supplies and they deliver to businesses.
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