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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
The world must come at you at in a terrifying blur. "OMG, A CURVE! OK, don't think, don't think! What do I do?! Don't think! Just hope it works out. Woah, I made it, thank God. OMG! ANOTHER ONE! What do I do?!" And on and on.
The world does not com at me at a blur. Point is, a curve shows up, I take it (and smile!). I don't think about how I countersteer, etd. I take it. I don't think "OMG< How much do I countersteer? Will I make it if I pull on the right or push on the left or both? OMG there's another going the other direction! Do I start to counterseer when the bike is leand or straight? OMG!"

I just take it. In an emergency there's the milisecond of do I steer around or stop or both, then execution. No time for thinking.
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