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Passive cooling in AZ with a second roof?

The company I work for has decided to start deploying buildings in small shipping containers to jobsites, some of which are in the desert. In Arizona, in particular, we have one that get incredibly hot, which is pretty bad for the UPS inside. It's not supposed to get over 80F, which is going to be tough on the little AC unit they speced. I am recommending we start out with a roof over the building, but I am not an architect, and I want to show them a picture demonstrating what I am talking about. I don't think adding half a dozen more AC units is the answer. Especially since we manufacture and service solar generating equipment. Too many AC units, and we might as well just turn off our equipment and go home because it becomes a net loss.

I know I have seen these things before, but I don't know what to call them. Usually they are just steel, and provide shade to a building/trailer/whatever like a canopy.

Whatsit? Where to get info?

Also, if you are in Yuma, and want to grab a wobbly pop sometime, drop a line because I am headed down again soon.
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