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The Scrammy Legacy Continues!

Hi All,

Well, you guys hooked another one! After a year of reading this thread and dreaming about a Scrambler to put in my garage next to my 06 Sprint ST I started looking. I originally wanted a matte khaki green but after months of searching dealerships, craigslist, ebay etc...there was nothing, not one decent scrambler for sale in a 400 mile radius of my area (Central NJ), I wonder why?. So, I took a shot in the dark and went to my local mom and pop triumph dealer a half hour away from my house thinking if all the big dealers didn't have any Scramblers on the floor, they probably wouldn't either but low and behold they had just got a 2013 matte graphite in. The dealer had 2 phone inquiries on it while I was standing there so with the bleak outlook on used models, I said F it, you only live once so I sealed the deal and just rode her home! I had to take a hot shower to remove the frozen permagrin on my face, literally, it is 30 degrees and raining outside, the pipes kept my right leg warm and I have frostbite on my fingers but well worth it. Anyway, enough with the blabbing and on to the pics! Looking forward to the ensuing madness!!

And the stable mate:

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