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Talking VIC, Australia - high(ish) country overnighter on a TW200 and Super Sherpa


Kath and I went for a quick ride through a teeny bit of VIC’s high country. Day one, we climbed around 5000 feet, then descended nearly same.

We rode from Wodonga, to Mansfield, via Myrtleford and Mount Bulla. We took the TW200 and Super Sherpa. Here’s the little story to accompany the ride (starting at Myrtleford).

Pizza pie at Myrtleford bakery, then over to visitors’ information to (hopefully) use their porcelain facilities. We only had a large map which showed most of NE Victoria, so we looked through a road atlas for sale, and took a picture of the rough route we were taking. With all the turns, Kath wisely convinced me to buy a decent map.

We hit the road, and started the dirt.

Add this road to the list of Aussie roads which say ‘No Through Road’, and are bullshitting you.

Had a break at the camping area, where there was a sweet chair.

From here, things got a little interesting. We took Wild Horse Creek Track, which was a slight shortcut. We stopped at the bottom, as it was pretty steep. We discussed, and decided to have a crack. A few steep uphills started, which Kath did just fine on.

She got stuck on one though…….

After that, we very slowlilly continued, and the downhills commenced. I would wait at the bottom of each hill, to make sure Kath got to the bottom OK.

Unfortunately, coming down one hill, Kath came unstuck. The front end got away and she hit the ground pretty hard. After a quick check if Kath’s ok, we righted the bike and took it down the hill. As with most minor offs, you feel fine while the adrenalin is pumping, then you start to notice a few sore parts. Ankle, hip, shoulder etc. I had a sudden pang of terrible guilt – I had chosen to go riding in this area, and have played a part in injuring her. Luckily, she could still ride, otherwise we would have been in an interesting predicament.

A bit of damage was sustained to the Sherpa, but all fixable. We took the screen off, and re-mounted the pannier, which had been holed. It also bent the pannier rack, but didn’t quite foul the rear wheel.
We continued very gingerly down the hills. When we approached an extra steep part, Kath would walk it. Still, she rode all but about 150m of the track.

Conquered! Oh yeah, I didn’t mention it was something like 32 degrees, which made for some good sweat’n.

From here, all the tracks were far easier. Though, had we not had the newly purchased map, I think we would both still be in there.

Kath swapped to riding the TW as it’s a little more stable, geared lower and her feet can touch the ground more easily.

Despite having a great map, we still cocked up one part and managed to have to double back quite a way. There were some fun water crossings on the way:

Then, we realised we had to do them all again, as we were heading in the wrong direction!

We soon found where we had gone wrong, and headed up, and out to Mt Buller’s snow parking area. Strange to think that this area is covered in snow at times…..

As we left, we came upon the first vehicle we had seen in around 5 hours in the bush! Glad Kath’s accident was a small one.

By the time we got out to Mt Buller, it was after 7pm. We rode into town, and dodged a few cheeky roos. The next image shows the hills we were up in.

We got into Mansfield after 8pm, and tried to source accommodation. Eventually, we got some and had a few well-earned ambers. Nice sunset.

Day two is coming!

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