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Originally Posted by mdloops View Post
First off it should be known that I ride a 2007 Yamaha R6, and with any sport bike the seating position is aggressive.


These pants are extremely protective and by far the most durable mesh pants available on the market. There isn't much that needs to be said besides the fact that they are above and beyond anything. Truely amazing.


These are not for anybody owning a bike with an aggressive seating position. The material bunches up and the will dig into the area behind your knees. They have a very high waist, meaning they are meant to be worn "urkle style" around the belly button. They are overpants so they will be baggy. The "seat area" is ridiculously baggy when standing straight up, but when sitting down works well. When I say baggy, I mean BAGGY, like when you are stadning up you look like you have the butt of a 400 pound man.


For those of us who commute to college or go out with our friends these pants are about as impractical as it gets. I have a tank bag, tail bag, and north face backpack and none of them are even close to being big enough to hold them. Unless you have large saddle bags you will be carrying these around with both arms. Additionally, I am a smaller guy 5'8 170 LBS, so I can't even imagine trying to cart around a larger pair.


I have read many threads with Wayne saying how Tri-Armor is the best out there, and I think from looking at it that it is sufficient for protection, but CE is better. This armor is above average, but by no means excellent. Do I have proof that CE is better? No. However, any reasonable person can decide for themselves. THE HIP ARMOR IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE. Literally, it is about 3/8 inch thin and is the cheapest stuff you can buy. SAFE YOURSELF $50 and DO NOT BUY IT. I can't really take pictures because it is sewn in, but I am willing to bet a good amount of money that it will be useless in a crash.

Overall Product

The material is the best I have seen, besides leather. However, it is terribly implemented. Maybe there is a reason why no other company uses this material for the entire piece of gear. I think I know the reason, because it is impractical, uncomfortable, and overly bulky. The product is very well put together from a quality control standpoint.

I like Wayne and think he has a good heart in making this gear, but the threads on this board are way too optimistic about this product. I will hopefully be posting pics soon that may illustrate my point, and if anybody wants to shoot me and email in the meantime I will try and answer any questions. I will be sending these back and taking my chances with the other mainstream companies' products. Again, this product is not comfortable on bikes where you need to grip the tank with your legs. For what it's worth, I have crashed before and know how hard of an impact one could sustain.

Sounds like you should have done more research.I have the overpants and there just fine.Wayne advises on the site as to which pair fits in a particular should of done better homework!.
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