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The GN400 makes a great project bike, very easy to work and plenty of resources available at yahoo groups GN400.

Mine is stripped of all street stuff for duty as a flat-tracker/ice bike. Here it is in summer mode:

I have a title for it. All I'd have to do is rig up some lights and a horn and I'd have a hot little city/commuter that looks like nothing else on the street. Its a "bit" loud though with the Supertrapp muffler. A 52t sprocket on the rear REALLY livens up this little beast, can lift the front wheel without a lot of effort. Longer rear shocks, with mounts moved forward on the swingarm steepened the front end for quicker steering. It's actually a fun little bike to rip around on. I bought it from a buddy set up for the ice for $800 and have maybe another $200 in parts and mods into it. Rear wheel is from a Suzuki PE400 (PE250) for the 19" tire size and the front is from a Suzuki GS650 Tempter for the same 19" tire size. A little hacksawing on the swingarm gusset makes for plenty of clearance for the ice tires and the 19" rear summer tire. Aint no lowly GN400 starter bike anymore.
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