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Originally Posted by redprimo View Post
I know most peole use bondo as a generic term for polyester body filler, that said I have never cared for bondo brand body filler. I find it to be a bit hard and that is doesn't sand very well. For an inexpensive filler I use Dynatron Ultralight and my favorite is Rage Gold, which ironiclly comes in a purple can. Rage gold is not quite 2x the price of ultralite but it sands so much easier that you end up saving enough time and sand paper to justify the extra cost. Rage gold also spreads mush nicer than the others so that also saves you time in sanding and additional coats.

Jesus- East bay color on Phelan ave in San Jose is a good supplier for paint and supplies and they deliver to businesses.
Hey, Red! Thank you so much for this post. As I mentioned in my reply to Jesus, I am ready to try another body filler. I think that I'll give Rage Gold a try. Do you feel that the Rage product has a longer open time compared to regular Bondo?

Originally Posted by Fishenough View Post
Very much enjoying your project thread, eagerly following along to learn, and one day build my own MC parts.

I've built boats, mostly plywood with one strip built dingy also (too time consuming but purrty). The cheese grater part mentioned is below, and when sharp are great for smooth n'fast finishing of foam and bondo. Like below I have one in my kitchen now. High quality ones from a good tool store run about $14 each and are far superior to big box store products.

Oh, and small foam rollers work a bit better for gel coat and primer than a brush.


Hey, Fishenough! Thanks for hanging out, man!

The grater that you posted looks like it would make short work of foam and bondo. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for one of those.

I thought about using a foam roller, but I didn't think that it would hold up to the MEKP/poly products. Do you think that it would have?

Are you thinking of starting a project?
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