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Small update

Just a small update...the transition back to a shoe is going pretty well. I have been able to wear a regular shoe all day for the past 3 days. When I get home from work my foot is still swollen and sore but I am making progress. Usually the swelling goes down over night if I haven't pushed too hard the previous day. I am riding a stationary bike about 4 days a week now for 30 minutes each session which I think is pretty good considering. Next week I will start with some leg presses and calf strengthening exercises....all in moderation and what I can tolerate. It seems that if I push it a bit and make it sore and then rest it for a day or so it comes back stronger, I don't know if this is good but it seems to be working. I also went riding this past weekend and put on about 400 sure was good to be back riding again. Unfortunately I still can't get my foot into my riding boots so I have been wearing hiking boots, not the best I know.
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