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i stopped outside Bogota in a small town called La Vega, reason for that was finding somewhere in the city with secure bike parking, having been to Bogota before i know its kind of crazy with a population around 9 million, New York and Mexico City are the only two cities north of here with bigger populations. So a small town was an easy option

i head straight to the cargo airport and met up with Veronica Mosquera Lyn Cargo, she had all my paperwork prepped and ready, just a few signatures from me, my bike waited...BTW i had to get it steam cleaned before i brought it here US customs are getting difficult about dirty bikes being flown in i was told, not as bad as Australia but getting that way, you are warned

once i was cleared to go into the building i was told to ride thru a door to get the bike weighed, the room i rode into could have been the scene of a very low speed accident that would have caused a lot of damage. The whole floor was cover in rollers, as the tires went over them the bike slipped from side to side, putting my feet down i had no firm footing, and BTW it was a freezer so the floor was a little icy, because where i had to weigh the bike was where the flowers and fruit comes in and out of so its for storage too, about 50 yards long

you cross the yard to do custom clearance inside the building in the distance

and this is where the bike is held waiting for a police inspection that happened about 1 hour later, the cop that did it spoke good english and i stood there and watched him open my bags and smell everything, he didn't find the odor he was sniffing for he told me he can smell cocaine , closest i had was coco powder for hot chocolate

once he was done i paid my money over $880 for the bike to go to Miami (there's a $40 clearance fee at the other end) and hopped in a cab with one of Bogotas Mario Andretti cab drivers and was in the Candelaria section in about 10 minutes and to my new digs for a few days, Hostel Sue 2

Bogota isn't my favorite place in Colombia, big and dirty and the thing you notice around the downtown area is the amount of graffiti EVERYWHERE

but also there are murals everywhere too, does one breed the other and make them both acceptable????

has anyone thought about doing a RTW on an off road segway?

new architecture

old architecture

cops on horses controlling traffic

street performers

but after a few hours walkng around in the smog of downtown my throat was seriously hurting, every street vendor that i heard talk had a croaky voice and now i understood why, on the way back to the hostal i looked up to the church on the hill above the city and you could hardly see it for smog ...thats all for South America for now


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